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Welcome to the Bruges restaurant information guide, your restaurant resource to the Venice of the North.

Bruges is known for its incredibly well preserved medieval architecture which makes it one of the most exciting cultural destination in Europe. Besides architecture, Bruges offers many events going from cultural events, such as the procession of the holy blood to fun events for the whole family such as the snow-and ice sculptures, the sand sculptures, the Christmas Market, etc.

Need clothes or gifts, Bruges is the place to be. If you want to try some of our famous chocolates and waffles it will certainly give you a boost to go on.

A visit to Bruges wouldn't be complete without visiting one of our restaurants. So sit back and let us take you through a culinary journey.

Lamb filet with herb crust & risotto (4 persons)

- 4 pieces of lamb chops (around 150 g each)
- 150 g risotto
- 1 courgette cut in cubes
- 1 union cut in small pieces

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Bruges, Brugge or Bruge:
A great place to visit, no matter where you're from!

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